A Fundamental Approach to Wealth Management



Independent Expertise

In serving its clients, the Firm strives to provide knowledgeable, unbiased, good faith and prudent investment advice along with expertise in portfolio management.

In managing investments, Chapel Street does not receive revenues from any source other than the fair and easy-to-understand management fees that the Firm receives from clients. This means the Firm’s advice and portfolio management services are truly independent and are based solely on what the Firm believes is in the best interests of clients.

A Trusted Partner

Simply stated, Chapel Street provides expert independent financial advice and portfolio management services to clients for a fee. Clients have or establish their own investment account(s) at well-established brokerage firms (e.g., Charles Schwab) in their own names. Clients do not “invest” with, or in, Chapel Street. The brokerage firm is the custodian – not Chapel Street.

By way of a written advisory agreement, clients simply grant Chapel Street the discretionary authority to make investment decisions (in other words, to trade or to make investment allocations on behalf of the client) within the designated account(s). This is done in accordance with the terms and conditions of the particular advisory mandate at hand; Chapel Street is prohibited from withdrawing funds from the designated accounts other than invoiced management fees. 

The Chapel Street business model allows for complete transparency. Clients know where and how their money is invested: in most cases, clients have ready on-line access to their account holdings through their brokerage firm/custodian and, in all cases, clients receive periodic account statements from their brokerage firm/custodian.

The Chapel Street Advantage™

Clients seeking multi-faceted benefits in terms of product, cost and service are well-matched with Chapel Street. The Firm's product offering includes customized wealth management services as well as proprietary managed account programs, each with a demonstrated track record of success.

Wealth Management Services -- Chapel Street can help individual clients develop and implement suitable asset allocation and portfolio management strategies, managing all or a portion of client’s investment portfolio through a combination of individual security selection and/or mutual fund selection pursuant to a Wealth Management Services advisory assignment. In addition, and if appropriate, Wealth Management Services clients also have access to the Firm’s managed account programs.

Managed Account Programs -- Whether as a supplement to a Chapel Street Wealth Management Services advisory assignment or as a stand-alone service relationship with clients, Chapel Street offers proprietary managed account programs including the Firm’s flagship Chapel Street Long Term Value Program (the “Program”) and the Chapel Street Dividend Yield Program (the “DY Program”). Chapel Street is the portfolio advisor for Chapel Street LTV™ and Chapel Street DY™. Each is a model equity investment portfolio with a concentrated range of domestic stocks employing a unique “private equity approach to investing in public companies.” The Program and the DY Program allow cost-effective replication of Chapel Street LTV™ and Chapel Street DY™, respectively, within client-owned brokerage accounts (at Charles Schwab, etc.).

Beyond management fee structures that are fair and simple, clients benefit further from boutique-level service that allows for direct access to a dedicated portfolio manager. You are invited to contact the Firm in order to learn more about how you might benefit from the Chapel Street Advantage™.